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Edema nesijaudina

Edema is swelling or puffiness of parts of the body. It usually occurs in the feet, ankles and legs, but it can involve your entire body. It also can affect the face and hands.

Peripheral edema is the most common type of edema and affects the arms, legs, feet, and ankles. The edema that occurs in diseases of the heart, liver, and kidneys is mainly caused by salt retention, which holds the excess fluid in the body. Body parts swell from injury or inflammation.
Edema is a swelling, usually of the legs, feet, and/ or hands due to the accumulation of excessive fluid in the tissues. Edema nesijaudina. Edema" is the medical term for swelling. Edema is swelling of a part of the body due to fluid buildup in the tissues.
Edema usually happens in the feet, ankles, and legs. In certain liver and kidney diseases, low levels of albumin in the blood can contribute to fluid retention. Medications, pregnancy, infections, and many other medical.
Edema means swelling caused by fluid in your body' s tissues. Pregnant women and older adults often get edema, but it can happen to anyone. Treatment and prognosis for edema depends upon the cause. It can affect a small area or the entire body.

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